The original Scuba Spec insert was designed and patented in the early 1970s by my father, Dr. Sidney Shedrow, an optometrist in Savannah, GA.  The driver behind this inspiration was that his eldest son Barry was studying to become an oceanographer and needed a way to see clearly while diving.  Shortly after the introduction of Scuba Spec, my father developed the Smoke Spec, a spectacle insert designed to be used in full-facepiece respirators.  The company was then known as Scuba Spec, Inc. and my father ran the business out of his Gaston Street office in Savannah until the early 2000s.  Since then, the product line and business model have evolved.  The business is now known as Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC and is located in Aiken, SC.  The business is also now owned by the eldest son, Barry.

Like my father, the thing I enjoy most about the business is the interaction with clients. Thank you for considering ‘the spec’ and I look forward to working with you.
Barry Shedrow, President

Dr. Shedrow’s Office, 202 East Gaston Street, Savannah, GA