Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC (originally founded as Scuba Spec, Inc. in 1974) manufactures and sells prescription lens inserts for use in full facepiece respirators (Smoke Spec) and single lens dive and snorkeling masks (Scuba Spec).  These spectacle inserts were originally invented by Dr. Sidney Shedrow, an optometrist in Savannah, Georgia.  The Smoke Spec is used in a wide range of occupations and industries (e.g., first responders, chemical, mining, oil and gas industries, agriculture, academia and the military).  The Scuba Spec is used primarily by recreational scuba divers and snorkelers.  The Smoke Spec and Scuba Spec inserts can be acquired through this website, selected wholesale distributors and eye-care professionals, or Amazon.com. If you have any questions regarding our product lines, you can contact us via cell (803-292-6485) or email (spectacle.inserts@gmail.com).

Barry Shedrow, President

Dr. Shedrow’s Office in Savannah, GA (circa 2003)