“I have received the mask and inserts. The mask is a good fit and I am overall quite pleased. I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for this type of product.”

-Max B., Florida  Complete Scuba Spec Package


“Just got back from vacation. They are excellent! This will make a huge difference in our snorkeling. Thank you!!”

-Pam and Richard W., Florida #137EBP Scuba Spec


“They work great now; I appreciate it.”

-Cody D., Virginia #279 Smoke Spec


“Very excited about your product. Way to find a solution to a need!”

-Jason B., South Carolina  #199EB Scuba Spec


“Hi Barry. Wanted to send you a quick note to say that the insert arrived today and works great. What I was hoping but wasn’t counting on was it fitting into my full­face mask. It does. Thanks for your extra effort and I hope you enjoy the holidays as much as I intend to!”

-Andres V., Singapore #137EBP Scuba Spec