Complete Scuba Spec Package

(does not include lenses)

The Complete Scuba Spec Package includes a Scuba Spec dive mask prescription lens insert (#137EBP or #199EB) and an IST M12 Imperial Panoramic View dive mask. If the #199EB insert is chosen, the anchor bracket will be installed free of charge. This package is the perfect solution for divers who don’t already own a mask.

FEATURES of the Complete Scuba Spec Package:

  • Built-in nose purge for hands-free water clearance. 
  • Side windows to increase peripheral field of vision. 
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt and easy to adjust head strap. 
  • The Scuba Spec lens insert can accommodate any strength eyeglass prescription.

Mask colors:  blue trim/clear skirt, black trim/black skirt, and green trim/clear skirt

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