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The Scuba Spec is a spectacle insert compatible with all dive masks and full-face snorkeling masks which possess a single faceplate. The Scuba Spec insert, which is made of a durable nylon material, is designed to withstand harsh marine environmental conditions. The Scuba Spec insert can accommodate any power corrective lenses, single or bifocal vision. If your prescription changes, simply replace the lenses in the insert. Your investment in the insert is not lost. Non-prescription reading lenses can also be mounted in the Scuba Spec insert.

The Scuba Spec securely attaches to the inner surface of a mask’s faceplate lens by use of a suction cup (#137EBP Scuba Spec) or bonded anchor bracket (#199EB Scuba Spec).  The Scuba Spec is not designed to be used in goggle-type masks (i.e., masks which possess two separate eye pieces).

Available Models:

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The Scuba Spec insert fits all dive and snorkeling masks which possess a single faceplate. [/fruitful_ibox]