The Smoke Spec allows emergency response professionals (firefighters, police, Hazmat workers) and industrial workers (oil and gas, chemical, mining) to quickly insert prescription or reading lenses into their SCBA full-facepiece respirator to attain normal vision while working in hazardous conditions.  The Smoke Spec is designed to be used in all full-facepiece respirators with a single facepiece lens.  The Smoke Spec prescription spectacle insert is securely attached to the inner surface of the respirator facepiece lens by use of a suction cup.  The Smoke Spec frame can be easily and quickly inserted or removed from the respirator mask.  Prescription or non-prescription reading lenses can be mounted in the Smoke Spec insert.  The Smoke Spec insert provides the same vision as regular prescription eyewear (eyeglasses) but does not interfere with the facepiece seal or damage the facepiece lens.

The Scuba Spec allows divers to easily insert prescription or reading lenses into their dive mask or fullface snorkeling mask to have underwater vision equivalent to a normally sighted diver.  The Scuba Spec can be used in any dive or snorkeling mask equipped with a single glass faceplate.  The Scuba Spec spectacle frame securely attached to the mask’s faceplate using either a nylon anchor bracket or a rubber suction cup.  Any power prescription or reading lens can be mounted in the Scuba Spec insert. The Scuba Spec insert can be easily moved between dive masks.